Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

The Predators, Who Are They?


Threats come in many forms:


Big Predators are bad governments and/or bad policies that take the form of:

  • Communism - You own nothing, not even the eyeballs in your head. The State owns You.
  • Socialism - The State gives You permission to have a small portion of Your life and possessions. The State owns the rest.
  • Manipulation of Laws - to pick winners and loosers.
  • Gangs and Organized Crime - Laws and Justice apply to You, not to Us.
  • Social Justice - What You have is Ours to take to correct what We think is/was a wrong.
  • New Religion(s) used to manipulate You through public policy.
  • Useful Idiots - A term coined by Joseph Stalin describing ignorant people who support violence and corcerion to achieve manipulation of people and laws.
  • Progressives - The old rules of morality and decency are outdated. We must move "forward"?


One can be passive and sit back and watch. If you do, the risk is that everything You have worked and strived for will be taken from You by Those who think (and/or mandate by law) what is Yours is, or shall become Theirs and They are entitled to it.



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