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Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955


Consider a Discovery Flight


If you have not flown in a light aircraft before or perhaps have only a few experiences it makes good sense to take a Discovery Flight.


A Discovery Flight is not FAA recordable flight training and is intended to be a one-time or infrequent flight experience to help you -


(1) Enjoy a flight experience and/or


(2) Make a decision whether or not to commit to a significant amount of on-going personal effort and expense involved in earning a pilot rating and remaining proficient which is critical to flight safety.


A Discovery Flight session lasts one hour with one of our Flight Instructors. The first 15 minutes are utilized with familiarizing you with the aircraft, answering questions and discussing flight safety. The latter 45 minutes are the flight experience.


You learn about the basic aspects of becoming an airplane pilot, the aircraft systems and capabilities, conduct a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft and then participate in a sortie sitting in the left front seat with a qualified Flight Instructor in the front right seat who remains Pilot-in-Command at all times.


Under the Flight Instructor's supervision you will take the controls in flight and command the airplane, but not in precision manouvers such as taxi, takeoff and landings.


CEFS uses the Cessna 172 series of aircraft for Discovery Flights. These are four-seat aircraft. You may bring passenger(s) as long as weight and balance criteria are safety met for each respective aircraft. The price is the same even with passenger(s).


When a parent or friend goes along for the ride there is often a better experience to discuss and understand the challenge of becoming a pilot.


CEFS has three Cessna 172 aircraft available for Discovery Flights:


  • 1982 Cessna 172P (KSFQ - Suffolk VA)
  • 1973 Cessna 172M (KSFQ - Suffolk VA)
  • 1998 Cessna 172R (KPHF - Newport News VA)


Our Discovery Flights are offered at $200. Please remember to bring a camera and enjoy your memories!


The bottom line is to have fun, learn something about yourself and have a flight experience necessary to determine if a commitment to flight training is for you.


Remember, becoming and remaining a safe, skilled pilot is a significant on-going commitment.


It becomes a lifestyle, requires on-going proficiency training and unquestionably exceeds the casual commitment of a hobby.


Please note Discovery Flights, like routine flight training are only by appointment.

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