Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

I Like This, What Now?


So, you've taken a Discovery Flight and are more serious about committing to flight training toward a Private Pilot License.


You've crunched the numbers and don't foresee any medical issue that would stand in the way and made the decision to pursue your private pilot license.  Now what?


First - Schedule your first lesson.  You will spend about one hour with your instructor taking care of paperwork and getting organized then you will take to the skies.  You will fly once or twice each week with hands-on ground training before each flight while you begin to study between lessons.


In general, after about 12-16 hours of dual instruction most students are ready to conduct a solo flight. to. This step is permitted after a solo endorsement from your Flight Instructor. After your solo you will continue flight training with and without your Flight Instructor proceeding to more advanced tasks.


About two-thirds through your flight training you should be personally prepared to take the FAA Written Test.


Once you have completed your training and are signed off by your Flight Instructor you will be ready to take a check-ride with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).


Once you pass your Practical Flight Test (checkride) you will be a private pilot and can legally take your first passenger(s).

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