Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

New Pilots and Ratings


We are proud to say that CEFS had a part in the making of new aviators and advanced ratings. This is what we do as a team working together to promote aviation and safety.


This list is admittedly incomplete as CEFS began operations in 1955 with Curtis and Ruby Eads working together as a family.


If you were trained at CEFS we would like to hear from you and add your name, your instructor's name and perhaps a picture as well.


Aerofeather Aviation Inc acquired CEFS on 30-Dec-2017 and will do our best to reconstruct a history of the Eads organization as time and Customer feedback permits.



  • Ralph Ferrell - Private Pilot - Instructor Bob Rantanen
  • Christopher Kostrzewa - Private Pilot - Instructor Bob Rantanen
  • Bradley Buer - Private Pilot - Instructor Bob Rantanen.
  • Payton Hancock - Private Pilot - Instructor Bob Rantanen.
  • Robert Hill - Commercial Endorsement
  • Dimitri Tsakpinis - CFI Endorsement


  • 26-July - Dimitrios Tsakpinis - CFII Endorsement.
  • 29-Oct - Tim Stegh - Private Pilot - Instructor Dimitri Tsakpinis
  • 15-Dec - Lorenz Lassen - Private Pilot - Instructor Chip Hilborn


  • 20-Jan - Tim Taylor - Private Pilot - Instructor Bob Rantanen
  • 20-Jan - Jody Cadwell - Private Pilot - Instructor John Ruane


Last updated 23-Jan-2020


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