Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

(Suggested) Solutions


I say "suggested" solutions, because it is yours to decide, not mine. I am not trying to manipulate you against your wishes or beliefs, only to suggest a path that is relatively fair and just to everyone who wants to live peaceably.


Strangely enough, there are people and organizations in the world who have no interest in living peaceably. Their actual motivation for existence and/or sense of success and accomplishment is to complain, argue, dominate and destroy to take what other people have strived for and/or limit what others can do to their own benefit.


They often employ others to do their dirty work because they are truly cowards and control freaks. Their native language is the lie, in any language.


For me, to friends or not:


  • Greet people with a smile and/or a waive at a distance.
  • Do not criticize or limit the good efforts of those around us.
  • Listen and not talk over what others have to say. It does not matter if I agree or not.
  • Have a genuine interest in other's interests or concerns.
  • Use pleasant forms of language.
  • Careful with what is said or done. I know in general I will say or do the right thing 97% of the time. What really worries me is the other 3% that I should have never said or done.
  • Open a door of opportunity for someone else. In a few key moments of encouragement others, by a few words or actions opened a lifelong door of opportunity for me.
  • Pin the tail of blame on the (correct) donkey when necessary.
  • Everyone occassionally does the wrong thing. Sometimes it is simply best to let a conflict go and not hold a grudge.
  • Do not look the other way when evil is being done.
  • Confront those who speak badly of what is right and fair.
  • Do not rush to get involved in other people's arguments.
  • Educate yourself and vote every opportunity in a credible process.

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