Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

Ground School

While ground school is not for everyone it does offer some advantages.  Many students prefer to study on their own between flight lessons as their instructor gives them assignments.  This is a great way to decrease the cost of training.  Each lesson your flight instructor will spend a little time with you making sure you understand what you have studied then you will take to the skies.


A formal ground school class gives a level of discipline that many people need in an environment that is conducive to learning.


At Curtis Eads Ground School you will attend ten weekly lessons that will prepare you for your written test and give you much of the knowledge you will need for your flight training.  In the classroom you will cover:


  • Private Pilot introduction / Pilot Considerations
  • Aerodynamics and Maneuvers
  • Airport Environment
  • Maintenance and Regulations
  • Airspace and Aeromedical
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Weather
  • Weight and Balance
  • Cross Country procedures
  • Written Exam Prep


Classes are held weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays - Check our Calendar page for schedules.  Sign up NOW!!!


Cost = $249 - Without Private Pilot kit

           $509 - With Private Pilot kit


It is recommended that if you are close to the beginning of your flight training when you take the class.


Curtis Eads Flight School
5192 W Military HWY

Hampton Roads Executive Airport
Chesapeake, VA 23321


Phone: (757) 465-1692



Business Hours

We can be reached during the following hours:


9 am to 6 pm daily


After hours flights on request


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