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Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

Resources / Flight Planning

Plan and Conduct a Flight (high points)

Define the purpose of your flight. The preparations are slightly differnet for each. However core flight preparation is generally identical. Examples are:

  • Training for new skills.
  • Proficiency in existing skills.
  • Pleasure and enjoyment, generally local flights.
  • Travel, generally more than 100 nm to destination with overnight or multi-day considerations.

Scan the local and distant public weather forecast.

National Weather Service Wakefield VA (AKQ)

Scan the local and distant aeronautical weather. Enable the MRMS Weather Overlay in [Links]. Put in a (model) flight plan and take a look at preliminary numbers and weather behavior.

Study the upper air winds and a predicted weather progression in different modes.

Define the purpose of the flight, destination, loading, and equipment requirements. Reserve a suitable aircraft for which you are current.

Flight Schedule Pro

Obtain an official [recorded] weather briefing, TFR alerts, and file an [official] Flight Plan.

1-800-WX Brief Flight Services

Please note, as of 26-Aug-2019 the FAA requires all flight plans to be filed in ICAO format. There are some items in the new form that are unfamiliar. Download the FAA's icao_flight_plan_filing.pdf to understand these new form fields.


    Examples of slight differences Between Domestic and ICAO     data fields:


    "Flight Type" = "G" for general aviation.

    "Crusing Speed" = "N0135" for 135 Nautical miles per hour.

    "Level"= "A045" for an Altitude of 4500 MSL.


Also, another well written explanation for the ICAO format is provided by Flight_Plan_Completion

If you want an ICAO filing Tip Card

Review your Aircraft Rental Agreement with CEFS. That document is populated with expectations which will guide you to make correct decisions to avoid progressing into situations that lead to unnecessary risk to yourself, passengers, the public and CEFS property.

Finish your flight planning and conduct the sortie. As you can see, the flight is ~70% [your planning] and the remainder about [your performance].

As you have noticed, this section is only intended to cover "high points" of planning a sortie.

Resources / GPS Training Simulator(s) for PC

We require all customers to be familiar with all basic functions of our typical GPS units (Garmin 530, 430, 650) before utilizing these in flight. The links below provide these executables free of charge, courtsey of Garmin.


Simulators for Garmin 430W, 530W and similar for PC (.exe)


Simulators for Garmin 650 and similar

Resources / Federal

Resources / State of Virginia

Resources / Commercial

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