Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

Elections Have Consequences!


On 1-Oct-2021 100LL aviation fuel was $4.69/gal.


On 1-Jul-2022 100LL aviation fuel is $7.29/gal.


That is a 55% increase in the price of plentiful fuel.


On 15-Oct-2022 100LL aviation fuel is $5.99/gal, but this is not expected to remain at this value with the next fuel order. The temporary decrease in price is due to the current President ordering the depletion of the Strategtic Oil Reserve, which cannot be sustained.


There is no shortage of aviation fuel, only a political war against the use of fossel fuels by one political party.


Remember, the increased cost of fuel is always passed on to the end customer, and that regretfully means you (and CEFS).


If you had questions about who or what was causing most of the pollution in the world, take a look at the Worldwide NO2 Pollution map of 25-Sept-2022 (below). NO2 is Nitrogen Dioxide, the product of burning petroleum fuel without catalytic converters or scrubbers. You can use this site to see an update each day.

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