Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

A Fundamental Problem (is Selfishness)


This is not a new issue. It has existed since the dawn of human existence as we know it.


It is fairly easy to boil this down to one philosophy:


"I want what I want, I'm going to get what I want to get, and I do not care who or what I have to run-over to get it."


The pronoun "I" repeats many times. Life and existence is all about the person who says and thinks these kinds of things. This is the classic definition of narcissm. Actions speak much louder than words. Common rules of fairness and honesty are thrown out.


Strangely, and one of my most fierce critcisms of religious groups is the selfishness shown by a small subset of individuals who believe they are emboldened to control what others will think and participate in.


The authorized leaders of religious groups (the Elders) sometimes turn a blind eye to this sort of thing because then are not leading as required. To allow this selfishness to continue is transparent to many and a detriment to the message.


Complicity by Elders is not eldering. It is Complicity.


Genuine qualified Elders however, have the experience to recognize divisive forces at work. They have the fortitude and wisdom to act, and they act early-on. Divisive people are directed to cease their destructive actions or leave.

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