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There is a lot of fear-mongering lately (2020-2022) and efforts to build it up to a fever pitch.


Fear mongering has gone on throughout human history. It is a propaganda tool to dishearten people into acting irrationally against their personal interests.


It boils down to creating shocking images and messages that are designed to smash your spirit into submission to someone else's dominance.


If you are weak you will suffer the most and be the most manipulated. If you are strong then you will stand your ground and not be moved.


I recommend you stay strong and close to your own personal core beliefs, whatever they are.


There needs to be and shall soon be a lot of lawsuits against wrongful termination of employment and/or violation of 1st Amendment rights to free speech.


People are being harmed on the basis of accusation. While not new, accusation is the current weapon of choice of those that cannot prove harm.


So lets be clear on this if you wish to put me personally in the arena.


(1) If you want to be a civil rights activist, fine with me.

(2) If you want to be a race supremacist, fine with me.

(3) If you want to be a person of alternative sexual preference, fine with me.

(4) If you want to live close to the Creator that I believe in and follow in His footsteps or otherwise, fine with me.

(5) If you want to judge me then have at it. Remember it works both ways.


All that stuff is your personal business, not mine. Whether or not you are educated enough to recoginze it, the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees you and I, as individuals  those rights.


The US occupies a fairly large land mass and there is room for all.


The demonizing lie comes when Agitators -


(1) Accuse me of discrimination against minorities.

(2) Accuse me of racial privlidege.

(3) Accuse me of homophobia, xenophobia etc, and a whole list of phobias.


If you really want to know what I think, here it is.


YOU WILL stay out of my business. I am ok with who I am, what I do, and what I believe. I have every right the same as you to have whatever viewpoint either of us seem fit.


Unlike the rest of the world, America is a two-way street and what applies to me applies to you too.


Ramshod bitching based on skin color is called playing the race card. It is often done because because it is a trendy way to bully an advantage over others.


It used to be referred to stereotyping but the Agitators had to reinvent a new less ominious term to confuse ignorant people.


The bottom line is that agitation is generally porportional to gaining a hook into the public money pot. It is called greed, the oldest sin in The Book.


But, the Agitators are not fooling the rest of us.

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