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The Internet Jungle


Lets face the facts. The Internet is a tool for efficiency and convenience on one hand while being the single greatest threat to the family unit and personal privacy in our time.


Your account numbers, passwords, money tranfers, spending habits, social communications, photos, opinions, internet surfing habits, travel habits and phone numbers are all stored somewhere in cyberspace with no non-disclosure agreements and no realistic penalty to those who steal this information.


There is no personal privacy. Social networks and commercial companies are constantly communicating phony Privacy Policies that continuously skate toward non-privacy.


Every update of an Iphone or tablet includes near-forced upgrades that induce one use Apple Wallet or other service that can be used to link and control your finances and your ability to move and manage money.


The author has had almost every credit card and bank account compromised in the past five years. Most of the notices of these compromises arrive no earlier than 3 to 6 months after the event, sometimes not communicated up to 2 years after the incident.


The author and thousands of others have had their SF-86 secret clearance application compromised to the mainland Chinese government by the targeted theft of a government laptop from the backseat of a personal automobile in DC. The amount of personal history on those documents was enromous (per individual) and no-one went to jail.


All we got for assurance was free credit monitoring for a limited period of time paid by the US Government, meaning you and me.


While blogs are generally truthful, they are also infiltrated with lies and spoofing.


On average, our business phone number is called at least 3-5 times per day by robo-calling devices which are illegal in Virginia.


Our cell provider seems to make no noticable effort to curb this abuse even though I know they have software to recoginize call patterns, intercept and cut off numbers of those who abuse customers.


A recent robo-call variation was an automated message indicating the author was about to be arrested by IRS agents unless a phone number was called to provide a service to defer the author's arrest. How novel an approach.


Unlsolicited telemarketers call constantly too. They often talk over us and make no effort to listen. They even call back in a few minutes not realizing we have already said no to their services.


Banks, such as Wells Fargo created fake bank accounts for thousands and charged fees for maintaining those accounts. They did get fined for it. That was rare.


Internet marketers such as Amazon signed up thousands for the $100 Amazon Prime account without authorization. They did get fined for it. That was rare.


Google controls what search results you see.


Facebook controls what interactions you see.


It is all about manipulation.


So be careful when in the Internet Jungle. Everyone who knows how is watching, manipulating and attempting to control what you hear, see, think and how you earn/spend your money.


Be wise and resist, all of it. Protect yourself at all times.




If a vendor absolutely requires your email to do business then you can supply them a temporary email address at:


If a vendor absolutely requires a telephone number to do business then you can go to this site and choose a number to enter per your preferred amusement:


If you want to be a bit more sneaky then use this number:

909-390-0003. It is an echo-back number. It does not waste your time ringing and is actually useful for checking the fidelity of your audio connection.


CEFS Policy:


We only publish the info@"".com email address and the CEFS business phone number to permit customers to make contact with us.


Both contact methods are robo-called and spammed constantly, but we deal with it by consistently refusing to do business with solicitors.


Because of robo-calls and automated spam we refrain from publishing the names of our Flight Instructors or their contact information on this website.


If you wish to use social media to share your name and contact that is your choice.


Because of FAA Policy requirements for flight training we must have your accurate contact and personal information by law.


Your data is entered into Flight Schedule Pro and is not publicly visible except individually to you, CEFS Flight Instructors and the Owner of CEFS.


Our business model is to avoid data release of any kind unless required by law. As a concern for your and our privacy, we consult our attorney before complicance.


We (CEFS) are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Hampton Roads in eastern Virginia. If you want to read what we think are reliable reviews of CEFS is it suggested you make one or read one here > BBB - CEFS


The reviews are reviewed by BBB before publishing. If there is adverse information from a customer, the BBB gives CEFS the opportunity to address the complaint in a fair method. There are always two perspectives to a conflict. You should have the opportunity to see both.


People who write to blogs are not under oath and are not prosecutabe for expressing an opinion, good or bad. The same goes for news organizations.


Beware of all reviews. You are advised to check out businesses in person including ours. We can give you customer references if you request.


Consider too that in this day of advanced video and sound techniques that any kind of sound or video can be fabricated and made to look very real.


Use your best judgement, not someone else's.


It is the Internet Jungle we all live in.



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