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Immunity - My Real Goal


With respect to the CV-19 infection (and all other infections), I suggest to you to think the real solution is personal immunity.


Viruses and bacteria are everywhere, spread everywhere and are common in nature. The spread amongst humans can be mitigated perhaps, but the existence, mutation and spread of both beneficial and harmful viruses and bacteria is beyond the control of the human population. We simply have to live (or die) with it.


It seems most people are asymptomatic, meaning little to no effects or discomfort. Their immune system and general health is good enough to manage the situation.


On the other hand, those who are showing signs of infection and distress -and- have other underlying health issues combined with advanced age are having a tougher time surviving and developing immunity.


Some will not survive and typically die of heart failure combined with pneumonia. This is the sad part of the experience for all. It is personal, as I know of four friends of friends or family members of friends have perished. I also know of at least 40 people who have become became ill with CV-19 and recovered.


Some are placing their hope in the creation of a vaccine. The mechanism of a vaccine is to present the body with a killed or  weakened form of the pathogen or a chemical protein that supports the existence of the pathogen. The body's immune system recognizes a threat and builds an immune response which typically takes about three weeks. This method has worked since the begining of human existence. The human body is truly a fascinating creation.


So the end goal remains, personal immunity.


What is perplexing to me is in the past 35 years, the medical community, despite the political hot potato and billions of dollars spent has failed to create a successful vaccine against the virus that causes the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).


This demonstrates the effort to battle a virus is very complex and is not always successful over decades of time. As a success story, the Polio virus was nearly eradicated by the work of Dr. Jonas Salk and others in 1960.


With this in mind, it is quite possible an effective vaccine may not be developed for CV-19 at all and there may be no need for a vaccine by the time the world population builds a herd immunity in about 2-4 weeks after initial exposure.


There will certainly be many claims and fradualent treatments as crooked people concoct predatory schemes on other's fears and want to turn that fear into cash payments.


Thinking this through however, my goal remains to develop personal immunity. I also recognize this process requires exposure that could lead to active infection, suffering through this and/or potential death. The best way to personally preparation for that infection is by eating healthy and exercise.


In other words, go on with life pretty much as usual. Wash hands, avoid frequent touching face and stay clean. Get plenty of sleep and stop worrying.


Now think about this following. We all know that day-care facilities for children face special challenges. The children simply are not disiplined or knowledgable enough to exercise consistent best practices. In fact, day-care facilities are generally the fastest mechanism for spread of the common cold and similar illnesses. Sicknesses are introduced and spread by the most infected child and the other childern return home with sicknesses and that is a simple fact of life. Ask any parent.


If the "pandemic" is so deadly serious, why did the authorities fail to close day-care centers for children?


In my view CV-19, while a serious illness is not much different from a regular and routine occurance of typical viral threats. There have been many in the past and there will be more in the future.


Sickness is a part of the human experience, just like birth and death.

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