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Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

CEFS Prices, Effective 4-Oct-2023


It is regrettable that wholesale prices for fuel, insurance, FAA-PMA approved parts and certified repairs in the Aviation Industry are up ~65% since Jan-2022. Additionally, supply chain issues are actively interfering with efficient business and decreasing availability of airworthy aircraft on demand.


The aircraft industry is based on oil, a fossil fuel. The Democrat led Policy War on Fossil Fuels is ultimately paid for ultimately by you, the Customer.


Sadly, to those of lesser means who want move up into the aviation world, it is regrettable that you are actively pushed down and eliminated from the pool of talent by the sick economics of the very people who lied to you about advancing your opportunities.


Elections have consequences


If you were listening carefully, the former President of the United States (2016-2020) warned us many times in policy and campaign speeches this narsissic hell-bent insane climate change cult would take over and make everyone miserable.


Remember, you the end Customer always pays the increased cost of bad policy, and everyone pays equally even though all are not of the same means to absorb increased cost.


The operating costs for CEFS went up and so this cost is regretfully passed onto you.


Aircraft Rental (per Hobbs hour):

  • N379SA - Cessna T182T - $240/hr.
  • N2268A - Cessna 172R - $185/hr.
  • N64754 - Cessna 172P - $175/hr.
  • N69053 - Cessna 152 II, $145/hr.
  • N20018 - Cessna 172M - $175/hr.
  • N7674J - Piper PA-28R-180 - $195/hr.


  • Aircraft rental prices are shown as a "wet" rental (fuel and engine oil included).
  • You are encouraged to utilize satellite airports of major cities to avoid typically higher fuel prices and additional facility/landing fees at major hubs.

Instruction for:

  • Private Pilot - $60/hr
  • Instrument Pilot - $60/hr

Instruction for:

  • Commercial Pilot - $70/hr
  • CFI - $70/hr
  • CFII - $70/hr
  • Flight Reviews - $70/hr

Ground School

  • $375 per person. Students must still purchase/provide a text book or purchase the book kit we recommend, the ASA Private Pilot Kit Part 61 . The ASA kit contains more items and we consider this kit the most economical.

Discovery Flights

  • Discovery Flight - $200 for a 1 hour session. The first 15 minutes are utilized for safety and familiarization and the latter 45 minutes for flying. Provided the combined weights of the customer and a second person (back seat) does not exceed 430 lbf, a second person may fly along too (no extra cost).
  • As a reminder, Discovery Flights are a flight experience and are not recordable FAA recognized flight training.


Your business with CEFS is always appreciated.


Curtis Eads Flight School
1200 Gene Bolton Dr.

Hangar #6

Suffolk Executive Airport (KSFQ)

Suffolk, VA 23434

Phone: (757) 465-1692



Business Hours

24 Hours.

Our office number is a cell. We respond to text messaging as well during reasonable hours


Please leave a message if necessary.


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