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CFR Part 61 vs Part 141 Flight Training


For immediate clarification, Curtis Eads Flight School is a Part 61 Flight School. That means you will train in a structured way, but not in the rigid cirriculum demanded of a Part 141 flight school which must be followed in a prescribed sequence without variation.


There are two sets of FAA regulations governing flight schools. They are Part 61 and Part 141.  The most common and least important difference between the two is the minimum flight time required to obtain a Private Pilot License - 40 hours for Part 61 and 35 hours for Part 141.


The national average to obtain a Private Pilot License is around 55 hours depending on the student ability and frequency of lessons so the minimum required flight time is generally not a factor.


All Flight Instructors are licensed by the FAA.  They must undergo training and testing to become and remain qualified to instruct student pilots.  Part 61 flight schools are a business that typically rent aircraft and employ licensed flight instructors to conduct flight training.  Part 141 schools are also businesses that conduct flight training and rental with the additional requirements of licensing, auditing, and accredited by the FAA.


Learning to fly at a Part 61 school gives you flexibility to meet your schedule and learning abilities.  You will be one-on-one with an instructor and can learn at your own pace instead of a classroom with many students.  You can schedule at a fast or slow pace and take a little time off when needed to take vacations or meet other personal obligations.


Typically Part 141 schools charge more for aircraft rental and flight instruction.  This is due to the increased cost of operation due to the FAA requirements.


Both must train pilots to the same standards and must pass the same testing and proficiency set by the FAA.  


So whether you choose Part 141 or 61 you will get to the same place and the license is the same - it really comes down to personal preference.  


If you need a structured approach and can afford the cost a Part 141 school is right for you.  If you feel comfortable learning at your own pace and want to save money then a Part 61 is the best choice.  


Most of your flight training will be one on one with an instructor whether you are enrolled in a Part 141 or Part 61 flight school.


You will get the same level of training and become a proficient pilot either way.

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