Aircraft Rentals: Learn to fly in comfort and style

All of our IFR aircraft are equipped with a Garmin 430W GPS.

Requirements to rent from Curtis Eads

If you already have a pilot’s license, you may be interested in renting one of our aircraft for local or cross-country flights. All of our planes are available to rent, assuming you meet the proficiency and currency requirements for the type of aircraft you are looking to fly. For Rental Pilots, you must be authorized and receive a sign-off by one of our CFIs to fly our aircraft. Often, this sign-off requires a flight check-out. Typical flight check-outs are 30 minutes to an hour depending on your prior experience and proficiency. The check-out is not intended to be a flying lesson. We have copies of each plane’s POH in our office, so you are welcome to stop by and familiarize yourself with each aircraft at any point prior to your checkout. In addition to the sign-off we will need:

  • A copy of your Drivers License
  • A copy of your Pilots License
  • A copy of your current medical certificate
  • A copy of your last BFR endorsement
  • A signed renters agreement
  • Completed aircraft knowledge test

Our Planes


Cessna 152 N69053

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Cessna 172R N2268A

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Piper Sport LSA N2259X

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Cessna T182T N379SA

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Cessna 172p N64754

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Cirrus SR22 N733CD

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