Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955
Giving Wings to your Dreams since 1955

Our Aircraft

Learn to fly in comfort and style.  All of our IFR aircraft are equipped with a Garmin 430W GPS.




N6912T TECNAM P2006T - $265 per hour wet


N112TE TECNAM P92 Eaglet - $110 per hour wet


N2268A Cessna 172R with KLN94 and entire Bendix King Avionics Suite. Inludes a KAP 140 Autopilot - $140 per hour wet


N379SA Cessna 182T with 235 HP, Garmin 430, 4 place O2, HSI, Full Auto Pilot - $195 per hour wet - A great cross-country aircraft that is included in our affordable long-term rental plan.


N684JM Zodiac LSA with a Dynon system (Glass Cockpit) - $99.00 per hour wet - The Light Sport aircraft has a bubble canopy for a 360 degree view.


N64754 Cessna 172 with Garmin 430W and dual glideslopes - $130 per hour wet - the safest aircraft ever made and the most popular trainer ever.


N69053 Cessna 152 - $110 per hour wet - the low cost trainer - a very good low cost airplane to train in.


N31669 Piper Warrior with Garmin 430W - $130 per hour wet.  For those looking for a low wing economical aircraft for cross country or training. *This aircraft is located in Elizabeth City*



What is Required to Rent our Aircraft

Before you can rent our aircraft you must receive a sign-off by one of our CFIs.  This may involve a short check-out flight with a CFI.  In addition to the sign-off we need:


- A copy of your Drivers License

- A copy of your Pilots License

- A copy of your current medical certificate

- A copy of your last BFR endorsement

- A signed renters agreement

- Completed aircraft knowledge test

- Aircraft check-out signed by one of our CFIs

Aircraft Check-Out

For Student Pilots - you can seamlessly transition to our aircraft without a check-out if you are flying with one of our instructors.  The flight instruction will be considered your check-out.


For Rental Pilots - you must be authorized and receive a sign-off by one of our CFIs to fly our aircraft.  Often, this sign-off requires a flight check-out.  Typical flight check-outs are 30 minutes to an hour depending on your experience and proficiency.  The check-out is not intended to be a flying lesson.


Curtis Eads Flight School
5192 W Military HWY

Hampton Roads Executive Airport
Chesapeake, VA 23321


Phone: (757) 465-1692



Business Hours

We can be reached during the following hours:


9 am to 6 pm daily


After hours flights on request


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